How to Embed Excel Spreadsheet to Modern SharePoint Online Pages?

Requirement: Display Excel Spreadsheet in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online: How to Embed Excel Spreadsheet?
In modern SharePoint Online sites, we don't have Excel Web Access Web Part that integrates an Excel sheet in to SharePoint pages. However, we can use the embed web part to display an Excel spreadsheet in SharePoint Online:
  • Upload the Excel spreadsheet to SharePoint Online document library first. 
  • Open the Excel file in browser (Excel Online) >> Click on File >> Share >> Embed.embed excelsheet in sharepoint online
  • In the Embed window, Choose the content from Excel spreadsheet you want to show, such as Table, Range of Cells or full workbook. You can customize further by setting other preferences on the embed page. Copy the embed coded generated once done.How to display excel spreadsheet in sharepoint online modern page
  • Now, navigate to your Modern SharePoint Online page where you would like to show the Excel file. Add a "Embed Web part" and paste the code you copied from the Excel web app.embed web part sharepoint online
  • Save and Publish the page.
Now, you should see the Excel spreadsheet embedded in your modern SharePoint Online page.

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