Disable Kindle/YouTube/Twitter Web Parts at Tenant Level in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Administrators can hide the Kindle/YouTube/Twitter web parts which are all included in the modern SharePoint Online site web parts toolbox by deault, at the tenant level using PowerShell cmdlet "Set-SPOTenant -DisabledWebPartIds @("Web Part IDs"). To disable a specific web part you need to enter its GUID as the parameter:
  • Twitter (f6fdf4f8-4a24-437b-a127-32e66a5dd9b4).
  • Amazon Kindle (46698648-fcd5-41fc-9526-c7f7b2ace919)
  • YouTube (544dd15b-cf3c-441b-96da-004d5a8cea1d)

PowerShell to Disable Kindle/YouTube/Twitter Web Parts in SharePoint Online:
You can disable any of these webparts individually or multiple web parts by providing the GUID of the webpart.
$AdminSiteURL = "https://crescent-admin.sharepoint.com"

Connect-SPOService -url $AdminSiteURL -Credential (Get-Credential)

#Disable Twitter, YouTube, Kindle Web Parts
Set-SPOTenant -DisabledWebPartIds @("f6fdf4f8-4a24-437b-a127-32e66a5dd9b4","544dd15b-cf3c-441b-96da-004d5a8cea1d", "46698648-fcd5-41fc-9526-c7f7b2ace919")
Once executed, It takes some time to reflect the changes and then these web parts will no longer be visible to your users in the web parts toolbox or render content. To verify run the below cmdlet to get all disabled web parts:
Get-SPOTenant | Select DisabledWebPartIds
To reset disabled web parts, use:
#Reset Disabled Web Parts
Set-SPOTenant -DisabledWebPartIds @()
This cmdlet supports only Kindle/YouTube/Twitter web parts and hiding other web parts are not supported as of today!
disable web parts in sharepoint online

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/sharepoint-online/Set-SPOTenant?view=sharepoint-ps

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