Web part Maintenance Page for Modern SharePoint Online

At times, we may need the web part maintenance page to remove an erroneous web part from a page in SharePoint. In SharePoint On-premises and Classic SharePoint Online, we used to append ?Contents=1 to the URL to open a page in web part maintenance mode that offers close/reset/remove functionalities on the selected web parts.

Now, in Modern SharePoint Online, The web part maintenance page can be obtained by appending ?maintenancemode=true to the URL! E.g., https://crescent.sharepoint.com/sites/Marketing/SitePages/Home.aspx?maintenancemode=true. This will open the page in web part maintenance mode. The SharePoint Online web part maintenance page is a tool that allows you to troubleshoot and repair web parts that may not be functioning correctly on a SharePoint page.

SharePoint Online page maintenance mode

Unlike the classic web part maintenance mode, The modern SharePoint Online web part maintenance mode displays summary, manifest, and data tabs with information about each web part, which helps debug and troubleshoot. If you want to delete any web part, You can edit the page and remove the web part, and then republish the page.

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