How to create a Subsite Even If the subsites creation is disabled in SharePoint Online?

Subsites are no longer recommended in modern SharePoint Online information architecture – So subsites creation is disabled by default. What if you have to create a subsite even when the subsite creation is disabled globally at the tenant level?

sharepoint online enable subsite creation

Well, here is the trick to create a subsite in SharePoint Online:

  • Login to your SharePoint Online site, You won’t find the “Subsite” option under the “New” menu. Proceed clicking on Settings >> Site Settings.sharepoint online prevent subsite creation
  • In the site settings page, Click on “Sites and Workspaces” and click on the “Create a Subsite” link (URL shortcut: /_layouts/15/mngsubwebs.aspx)unable to create subsite in sharepoint online
  • This takes you to the new subsite creation page, where you can supply the details and create a new subsite.sharepoint online can't create subsite

Create a Subsite using PnP PowerShell

Although subsite creation is disabled in web UI, You can create a subsite using PowerShell:

#Connect to PnP
Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" -UseWebLogin

#Create a modern Subsite
New-PnPWeb -Url "Archive" -Title "Archive" -Template "STS#3"

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