SharePoint Online: How to Add Promoted Links to Modern Page?

Requirement: Add promoted links to modern SharePoint Online page.

What is promoted links in SharePoint?
When building intranet portals or team sites, we may have to link to frequently used sites, documents, etc. from the home page. In classic SharePoint sites, We've used something called "Promoted links" to achieve this. Promoted Links in SharePoint is used to quickly share links with images. Basically, you create a Promoted Links List, Add links-assign images to the links and organize them and then its automatically creates a Tile view for you! Remember the promoted links web part that's placed on the home page of every SharePoint sites with "get started with your site" title and icons?
sharepoint online promoted links tile

Well, In modern SharePoint Online, the promoted links are no longer supported.  As an alternate, we can use Quick Links web part to get promoted tiles with similar functionality and look & feel.


How to Create promoted links Web Part in Modern SharePoint Online Sites?

Here is how to create promoted links in modern SharePoint Online pages:

  • Navigate to your modern SharePoint Online page, Click on "Edit" from the top right corner. Mouse-over the section you want to insert promoted links web part >> Click on the + icon to add a new web part in the page, search and pick "Quick  Links" and then add it to the page.
  • Click on "Add links" button in the Quick links web part to insert links you want to appear as tiles. Specify the details for the link to be created. This could be any existing document/site/page including non-SharePoint and external sites. Populate all links as per your requirement. Choose the "Icon" or custom image for your link tiles.
  • Set the layout options for quick links to "Tiles" and set the Icon size property to medium or large.
    creating promoted links in sharepoint online

Now, your Quick link should look like:

creating promoted links in sharepoint online

Creating promoted links in SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online classic experience is explained in my another article: How to Create promoted links in SharePoint?


  1. I want to have it in the same way its in SharePoint 2013: How to Create Custom Promoted Links in SharePoint? Please.

    1. In SharePoint 2013 there is an app you can add called Promoted Links. Like the person says below, that is what you see on the top of the page. It is managed with a list and you can make/assign your own icons. If you search the web you can also find code to resize or wrap these into different shapes.

  2. This is not using promoted links. The value of promoted links is that they are stored in a list and can be used and reused through out the site, with filtering based on the needs of that particular page, as well as audience targeting. The Quick Links web part is NOT that, at all. Quick Links are like reinventing the wheel each time you need the web part.


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