How to Add Page Anchor Links in SharePoint Online Modern Page?

Requirement: Add modern page anchor link in SharePoint Online.

How to Create Bookmarks on a modern page in SharePoint Online?

Page Anchors are links to another section on the same page. E.g., Jump to section, Table of contents, etc., on long pages. You can create the page anchor by using any of the heading styles in the Text web part.

Step 1: Create a Page, add content, and format the Sub-headings with Heading styles, such as H1, H2, or H3. Save and Publish the page.

sharepoint online page bookmark

Step 2: Open the same page in a new tab, edit the page, and add text for links to these sections – E.g., “Table of Contents” in the top section of the page.

sharepoint online page anchor link

Step 3: On the published page, Just mouse over the subheadings that are formatted with heading styles. You’ll find a link next to those subheadings, and just copy the link from the published page. (These links don’t appear on pages in edit mode!)

sharepoint online modern page bookmark

Step 4: Now, Select the text you want to link on the page in edit mode, click on the “Hyperlink” button in the toolbar.

sharepoint online add anchor in page

Step 5: Enter the link for the selected text you copied from the published page. Typically, it would look like:

sharepoint online modern page anchor link

That’s all! Now, clicking the links under “Table of Contents” will take users to the relevant sections of the page.

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One thought on “How to Add Page Anchor Links in SharePoint Online Modern Page?

  • Do you have a solution for anchors on a highlighted content web part? I don’t want to arbitrarily insert text and take up space just to be able to create an anchor to the highlighted content web parts on my page.


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