How to Add Video to SharePoint Online Modern Pages?

Requirement: Add a Video to a SharePoint Online page.

SharePoint Online: How to Add Videos to Modern Page?

SharePoint Online is a powerful tool for storing and sharing digital assets, and adding video to SharePoint Online pages is a common requirement! You can easily add videos to your SharePoint Online site to make it more engaging and dynamic. The options available for video embedding can vary depending on where you want to host the video. There are three ways to add videos to SharePoint Online’s modern page:

  • Add YouTube video to SharePoint Online Page.
  • Host the video in Microsoft Streams and Embed it on the SharePoint Online site.
  • Use Embed Web Part to Add a Video to SharePoint Online.
add video to sharepoint online modern page

Whichever method you choose, these videos can be played using adaptive streaming across all devices and web browsers. Adding video to SharePoint Online intranets is a great way to make your site more engaging and informative.

Option 1: How to Add YouTube video to SharePoint Online?

To add a video from YouTube to a SharePoint Online page, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint Online modern page where you want to embed a YouTube video.
  2. Click on “Edit Page” from the top-right corner >> Mouse over and click on the “+” symbol to add a web part to the desired area of the page >> Choose “YouTube” from the web parts list.
  3. Once the web part has been added to the page, Select and edit the web part properties on the right-hand side of the page and configure options for your YouTube video. Simply copy-paste the YouTube Video link into the web part property.
  4. Republish the page to commit your changes.embed youtube video in sharepoint online

Option 2: Embed Stream video in SharePoint Online

Stream is recommended over storing videos in SharePoint document libraries, as it is optimized for video experience and a dedicated video-sharing platform that integrates with SharePoint Online. You have to upload videos to Stream first, and then you can display them on modern site pages. Here is how to embed Microsoft Stream video to SharePoint Online:

  1. Login to Microsoft Steam at and upload your video (Or find the URL of the video you want to embed to the SharePoint page).embed stream video in sharepoint online
  2. Once uploaded, publish the video and then click on the “Share” button to get the link to your video. sharepoint online embed video on page
  3. Now, go back to the page where you want to display the video. Edit the page and insert the “Stream” web part to it, and then insert the link you copied from Stream. sharepoint online modern page embed video

Your video will now be embedded in your content!

Option 3: Embed video in SharePoint Online Modern Page using Embed Code

With the Embed web part, You can embed videos from YouTube, Microsoft Stream, Video from SharePoint Online Document library, and even from any 3rd party external sites like Vimeo that support embed tags! All you have to do is: Obtain the “Embed” code from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and add it to the SharePoint Online page using the “Embed” webpart.

sharepoint online embedded video

Here is how to get embed code from YouTube: Just right-click on the video and click on “Copy Embed code”

add youtube video to sharepoint

On Vimeo, You can grab the embed code by clicking on the “Share” button:

embed vimeo video in sharepoint online

Microsoft Stream also provides embed code:

Embed mp4 video in SharePoint Online modern page

You can also embed a video from the SharePoint Online document library:

<iframe width="600" height="400" src="" allowfullscreen>

Using File Viewer Web Part to Play Videos from SharePoint Document Library

Finally: You can use the “File Viewer” web part to play a video file from SharePoint Online libraries! Just upload the video file to any of your SharePoint sites document library or folder, and you can display it on the page using the File viewer web part by adding the video file URL to it.

embed video in sharepoint online

Once the video has been added, it will appear on the page as a thumbnail. When you hover over the thumbnail, you will see an option to play the video. Other than the File viewer web part, the Quick links, hero web part, and highlighted content web part are also capable of displaying the thumbnail for the video links.

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One thought on “How to Add Video to SharePoint Online Modern Pages?

  • I’ve tried to add via pnp a Powerpoint presentation using a file viewer webpart however passing in the properties only accepts the file property which is the full URL to the file which is located in a doc library in the same site, allowinteractivity, wdhidegridlines and wdhideheaders.

    Other attributes such as listId, uniqueId, WebId, SiteId and webAbsoluteUrl cause the webpart to corrupt by creating a page within a page within a page of the target page in the webpart which is really odd. All Ids are correct. Would there be any long term issue only using the ‘file’ full path URL property? Thanks.


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