SharePoint Online: Download Multiple Files from a CSV using PowerShell

Requirement: Download all files from a CSV file in SharePoint Online.

PowerShell Script to Bulk Download All Files from a CSV in SharePoint Online

When you have a large number of files to download from SharePoint Online sites, You can automate the process using CSV and PowerShell. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of downloading multiple files from a SharePoint Online site. We’ll be using a CSV file as our source for the download and use PowerShell to download files from SharePoint Online.

I have got a number of files in Excel file and wanted to download them all to my local machine. Here is my CSV file – A tab-separated text file (Because file names may have commas in them, and CSV will break!)

sharepoint online download files from a csv

This PowerShell script downloads all files from a given SharePoint Online site. Creates a log file of all possible failed ones, E.g., The file doesn’t exist on the site!

$SiteURL = ""
$CSVFile = "C:\Temp\KPMG.txt" #Tab Separated file
$DownloadPath = "C:\Temp\KPMG"
$LogFile = "C:\Temp\Error.log"

 Try {
    #Get Data from CSV File
    $CSVData = Import-CSV -path $CSVFile -Encoding UTF8 -Delimiter "`t"

    #Connect to PnP Online
    Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteUrl -UseWebLogin

    #Iterate through each Row in the CSV
    foreach ($Row in $CSVData)
        #Prepare the Local Folder
        $FileDownloadPath = $DownloadPath + $Row.ServerRelativeURL.Replace("/","\")
        $FileName = Split-Path $FileDownloadPath -leaf
        $ParentFolder = Split-Path $FileDownloadPath -Parent

        #Create the Target Folder if it doesn't exists
        If(!(test-path $ParentFolder))
              New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $ParentFolder | Out-Null

        Try { 
            Get-PnPFile -Url $Row.ServerRelativeURL -Path $ParentFolder -AsFile -ErrorAction Stop
            Write-host "Downloaded File" $Row.ServerRelativeURL
        Catch {
            write-host -f Red "Error Downloading File $($Row.ServerRelativeURL) :" $_.Exception.Message
            $Row.ServerRelativeURL | Out-File $LogFile -Append
Catch {
    write-host -f Red "Error:" $_.Exception.Message

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One thought on “SharePoint Online: Download Multiple Files from a CSV using PowerShell

  • Hello!
    you script works fine, except that it ask for the name of the file.
    if I write any name, it will save the structure and the file with the name that I set.
    actually the command get-pnpfile need to be filled with -filename, but for some reason I can’t import any CSV o column with the name related with the file.

    How can I solve this?


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