How to Create a Rotating Banner in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Create an image slider (carousel) in SharePoint Online.

How to create a Rotating Banner in SharePoint Online?

Rotating banners or image carousels is the best way to display multiple banners in one portion of the page and rotate them automatically at fixed time intervals. The cycling visual content grabs visitors’ attention and keeps your most important messages front and center through automatic rotation. They are usually placed on the site’s home page. In the Microsoft SharePoint world, We can rotate multiple pages on the home page and drag the user’s attention. In the past, we have used JavaScript/jQuery methods, content search web parts, 3rd part web parts, etc., to achieve sliding banners in SharePoint.

Now, it’s a relatively easy task to implement scrolling banners in modern SharePoint Online. With the built-in News web part, site owners can easily set up an automated rotating carousel to showcase images, announcements, or other content – no coding required. All you need to do is:

  1. Create news pages for the banner content. These pages will be displayed as a slideshow.
  2. Edit your site’s home page (or any modern page), and add the “News” web part to the page in edit mode.
  3. Click on the Pencil icon in the News web part section to configure the web part properties, add the news pages to display, and set the web part layout to “Carousel.” The news web part also supports layouts Top Story, List, or Side-by-Side.rotating banner in sharepoint online
  4. Optionally set other parameters such as the number of announcements to show, Automatically cycle news, and Seconds between each slide.
  5. Save and publish the page.

Here is the News web part with the Announcements Carousel layout:

add rotating banner in sharepoint online

How to Create Multiple News Carousels or Display Selective Pages in the News Web Part?

The above web part displays all available news pages in the selected site in the News web part. However, sometimes you may want to display specific news pages selectively in the news web part or display one slider for each category. So, here is the trick:

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint Team site (or communication site) >> “Site Pages” library from “Site Contents”.
  2. Create a new column in the site pages library, let’s call it as “Category”. Set the dropdown values as per your requirement.sharepoint online news carousel web part
  3. Now, edit the news pages, and under “Page Details”, You’ll see this category dropdown field. Classify the value accordingly.
  4. Finally, on the News web part properties, under the “Filters” section – Set the filter as “Page Properties”, select the property as “Category” (The one you had created on Site Pages library!), and set the filter value as per your requirement.sharepoint online scrolling banner

Here is what the multiple news carousels look like on a single page:

SharePoint Online image carousel

While basic in its functionality, the News web part carousel provides an out-of-box solution for cycling visual content that catches the eye. For those looking to quickly add visual interest and customizable rotation to SharePoint pages, this method fits the bill.

Finally: If you want to display just an image carousel instead of clickable text banners, use: “Image Gallery Web Part”. The highlighted content web part has a carousel layout.


And there you have it – an easy way to create a rotating carousel in SharePoint Online using only native features. By inserting a News web part and configuring it to generate a basic carousel, site owners can set up an automated slideshow to showcase images, announcements, promotions, or other dynamic content. This carousel requires no additional configuration, code customization, or use of third-party tools, making it a simple option compared to building a full-fledged custom carousel from scratch.

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