Fix: Rating Settings missing in SharePoint Online

Problem: Rating settings missing in SharePoint Online List or document library.

How to Enable Rating Settings in SharePoint Online Lists and Libraries?

In communication site document libraries, “Rating Settings” is missing in SharePoint Online. Activating the “Publishing Infrastructure” feature on the site settings page brings the Rating feature to lists and libraries. However, let’s just activate the “Rating” feature alone using PowerShell. It’s a hidden feature, so, It won’t be available on the Site collection features page.

#Site URL 
$SiteURL = ""

#Connect to SharePoint Online site
Connect-PnPOnline $SiteURL -Interactive

#Enable Rating Feature
Enable-PnPFeature –identity 915c240e-a6cc-49b8-8b2c-0bff8b553ed3 -Scope site

This will activate the Rating feature for all lists and libraries in the site!

sharepoint online rating settings missing

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