Add SharePoint List or Document Library to Microsoft Teams

Requirement: Integrate document library or list from SharePoint Online site to Microsoft Teams.

How to Add SharePoint document library or List to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a great platform for communication and collaboration that allows users to work together in real-time. One of the great features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to add SharePoint lists and document libraries, which makes it easy to access all of your team’s documents in one place. Here’s how you can add a SharePoint list or document library to Microsoft Teams.

  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams channel.
  2. Click on the “+” symbol on the top menu. You’ll get “Add a tab” to add list to teams
  3. In the “Add a tab” page, select “SharePoint” for adding a SharePoint Online list, document library or pages from SharePoint sites. You can also use the search in the top-right, if these widgets are not visible.add existing sharepoint list to teams
  4. You can pick any existing list/document library from the site associated with the teams, or You can directly enter the URL of the list or document library from any other site.add list in teams
  5. If you want to add a document library folder to teams, simply enter the URL of the folder by selecting “Any SharePoint site”.add sharepoint document library to teams
  6. Hit “Save” button once finalized.
  7. This links the selected object with your Teams, and it will appear as a Tab in teams. Here is the SharePoint Document library linked in Teams.add a document library to teams
  8. And the list in Microsoft Teams is like:add list to teams tab

Now you can manage, add or remove content to your SharePoint list or library directly from Teams. For some reason, If you want to remove the added list or document library, you can do so from the added tab’s menu.

add document library in teams

You can also use widgets like “Document Library” or “SharePoint Page” to add document libraries or pages to Microsoft Teams. You can see a list in the tab using the same process. Furthermore, you can add new items to the list in the tab, or you can click the ‘Open in SharePoint’ button to open the list directly in SharePoint site.

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2 thoughts on “Add SharePoint List or Document Library to Microsoft Teams

  • Thanks for documenting!

    Question:I created a Sharepoint Document LIbrary. Added columns (aka metadata). Added the doc lib to Teams using a new tab. – BUT – customizied columns do not appear. This seems only to be possible for the “General” doc lib…??!?!?!?! Any idea here?

    • Yes! If you add a “Document library” app, this is the default behavior – It doesn’t display any custom columns you have in the library. However, if you use “SharePoint” app and then pick the document library, it displays the custom columns as well.


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