How to Resend Azure AD Invitation to Guest User?

Requirement: Resend Azure AD guest user invitation.

How to resend guest user invitation for SharePoint Online External User Access?

Have you ever had to send the invitation again to the guest user as the guest user claims he didn’t receive the invitation email? As an administrator, you may need to resend Azure AD guest invitations. Maybe a user lost their invitation, or the original email was sent to the wrong person. In any case, you can easily resend those invitations to join them in your Azure AD, If a guest user has not yet redeemed their invitation. Here are the steps to resend Azure AD guest invitation:

  • Log in to the Azure portal at as an Azure AD administrator.
  • Under the “Users” node in the left navigation, Search and select the guest user account you had invited earlier.
  • Under the user profile tab, In the Identity section, You can see whether the invitation is accepted or not! Click on the “Manage” ad resend guest invitation
  • Select the “Yes” option to resend under “Resend invite?”. This will trigger a new Email invitation to the guest user.
  • This will also generate an invitation URL you can share with the user.resend azure guest invitation

Resend Guest User Invitation using PowerShell

Rather than manual doing this, you can use a PowerShell script to automate the process. Sending the external user or guest user invitation again is no different from inviting them for the first time. Here is the PowerShell to send the invite again:

#Config Variables
$TenantDomain = ""
$GuestName= "George"
$GuestEmail = "[email protected]"
$SiteURL = ""

#Connect to Azure AD
Connect-AzureAD -TenantDomain $TenantDomain

#Invite Guest User
New-AzureADMSInvitation -InvitedUserDisplayName $GuestName -InvitedUserEmailAddress $GuestEmail -InviteRedirectURL $SiteURL -SendInvitationMessage $True

#Disconnect Azure AD

Here are the steps to invite an external user to an Azure AD for SharePoint Online.

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