Fix OneDrive Error: “The source and destination file names are the same.”

Problem: I encountered an error while trying to open a file in OneDrive: “The source and destination file names are the same.”

The source and destination file names are the same


This error usually occurs when you try to sync, move, sync, copy, or open a file in many cases and the solution is below:

  1. It could be caused by a file name + address length being too long – above 260 characters! The OneDrive client is unable to create a local copy on your local disk. Try renaming the file to something smaller or using fewer nested folders.
  2. The files were not downloaded until I opened them. Once I used the “Always keep on this device”, the sync started, the files were on my HD, they opened without a problem, and everything worked as expected.
  3. Accessing the file through the web browser by selecting “View Online” also worked.

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