Microsoft Teams: How to Create a New Team?

Requirement: Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

How to Create a New Team from Teams Admin Center?

In Microsoft Teams, you can create a new team from the Teams admin center or from the Microsoft Teams application. In this blog post, we will show you how to create a team using Microsoft Teams Admin Center as well as from the Teams desktop app:

  • Login to Microsoft Teams Admin Center at
  • Expand “Teams” >> “Manage teams” >> Click on “Add” button in the to create a team in microsoft teams admin center
  • Fill the information for your new team, such as Name, description, privacy (Private or Public) >> Click on “Apply” once done.create a team in microsoft teams admin center
  • Once the team is created, it will appear in the Teams Admin Center, and in Microsoft Teams client as well.create new team in microsoft teams admin center

Once the Team is created, You can manage members/owners of the team from the Teams client application.

Create a Team using Microsoft Teams Client

There are a few different ways to create a team when it comes to Microsoft Teams. This time, let’s walk you through the process of creating a new team in the Microsoft Teams client application.

  • Open Microsoft Teams client application >>Select “Teams” >> Click on “Join or Create a team”create a team in microsoft teams
  • Select “Create team”create a team in microsoft teams without a code
  • Select “From scratch”. You can also select other options if applicable to create a team in microsoft teams
  • Choose the Privacy of the team, such as “Private”, “Public” or “Org-wide”how do you create a team in microsoft teams
  • Provide a name and description to your Team and click on “Create”. You should see “Nice work!” message to create a team in microsoft teams desktop
  • Add members to the team. Once added, you can promote them as “Owners” too.create a team within microsoft teams

Once a team is created, you can edit the team you are in by selecting the three dots “…” next to the team name and then selecting “Manage Team.

To create multiple teams from a CSV file, use: How to Bulk Create Microsoft Teams using PowerShell?

How do I connect to a Microsoft team using PowerShell?

Install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module using “Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams”, and connect with “Connect-MicrosoftTeams”
More info: How to Connect to Microsoft Teams from PowerShell?

How to add multiple users in Microsoft Teams?

You can add bulk users to Microsoft Teams with the help of PowerShell and a CSV file. Just populate the CSV template and use PowerShell to Iterate through each row in the CSV and Add users to the Team.
More info: Bulk add users to Microsoft Teams

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