SharePoint Online: How to Enable Missing Apps (Picture Library, Announcements, Survey, Etc.) in Communication Sites?

Problem: Picture Library, Announcements, and other apps missing in SharePoint Online communication sites.

How to Enable Picture Library and Other Apps in Communication Sites?

By default, certain apps are not enabled in modern communication sites of SharePoint Online.

sharepoint online communication sites apps missing


Here is how to enable missing Apps in SharePoint Online Add an App page (/_layouts/15/addanapp.aspx):

  1. Go to the Site Settings >> Click on “Manage site features” under Site Actions
  2. Locate the “Team Collaboration Lists” feature and click on “Activate” button next to it.picture library missing in sharepoint online

That is it, and Now, your Apps page will have all the missing apps like Picture library, Issue tracking, Task list, Discussion board, etc.:

sharepoint online communcation site apps

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