SharePoint Online: How to Open PowerPoint in Presentation Mode?

Requirement: Open PowerPoint files in slideshow mode in SharePoint Online.

How to Open PowerPoint in Presentation mode from SharePoint Online?

Any link to PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX, or PPSX files) takes users to the Edit mode of the file. Even if the users don’t have permission to edit, SharePoint opens it in edit mode with a banner saying you can’t edit the file. So, How to force slide show mode for PPT’s?

Well, here is the trick to open PowerPoint files in presentation mode: use the below URL format to have PowerPoint open in presentation mode:

sharepoint online open powerpoint in presentation mode

This link directly launches the PowerPoint presentation in the slideshow mode in full browser screen!

How about SharePoint On-Premises?

Similarly, in SharePoint On-premises, use the below format to open PowerPoint in presentation mode:


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5 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: How to Open PowerPoint in Presentation Mode?

  • It also appears if you have any GIFs the are displayed as static images – any advice?

  • Thanks for this great article. You are the best.
    I would like to know if there is a trick to start the presentation in full screen presentation mode so that slides run automatically?

  • Hey,
    thanks for that! Very helpful!
    Spend half a day to get that work and you provided finally the solution!

  • Too sad, if you have links in your PPT you can’t click these…

  • Hi Salaudeen,

    Thanks for your post. We are experiencing the same problem with PowerPoint presentation links not opening up in slideshow mode – even if “view only”.
    I have used your URL format and this works to open the PowerPoint in presentation mode but ONLY for those that are logged into SharePoint Online.

    We want to share the URL for anyone to view (outside of the organisation too) with the only necessary requirement being a web browser to open it. When the URL is clicked the presentation should open straight into slideshow mode without a need for any log in.

    Do you think this is something that is possible? Any advice?



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