Copy Column Values Between Lists in SharePoint Online

Requirement: Copy data from one list column to another in SharePoint Online.

How to copy the values of columns from one list to another?

Here is the PowerShell script to copy column values between lists:

$SourceSiteUrl = ""  
$DestinationSiteUrl = ""
$SourceListName = "Projects"
$DestinationListName = "ProjectsV2"
$FieldsToCopy = "ProjectName", "ProjectDescription", "ProjectManager", "Date", "Department"

#Connect to Source site
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SourceSiteUrl -Interactive
#Get All Items from the Source List
$SourceListItems = Get-PnPListItem -List $SourceListName -Fields $FieldsToCopy -PageSize 2000

#Connect to Destination site
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $DestinationSiteUrl -Interactive

#Copy Items from the Source to Destination
[int]$Counter = 1
ForEach($ListItem in $SourceListItems)
    $ItemValue = @{}
    ForEach($Field in $FieldsToCopy)
        #Check if the Field value is not Null
        If($ListItem[$Field] -ne $Null)
            #Handle Special Fields
            $FieldType  = (Get-PnPField -List $SourceListName -Identity $Field).TypeAsString
            If($FieldType -eq "User" -or $FieldType -eq "UserMulti" -or $FieldType -eq "Lookup" -or $FieldType -eq "LookupMulti") #People Picker or Lookup Field
                $LookupIDs = $ListItem[$Field] | ForEach-Object { $_.LookupID.ToString()}
            ElseIf($FieldType -eq "URL") #Hyperlink
                $URL = $ListItem[$Field].URL
                $Description  = $ListItem[$Field].Description
                $ItemValue.add($Field,"$URL, $Description")
            ElseIf($FieldType -eq "TaxonomyFieldType" -or $FieldType -eq "TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti") #MMS
                $TermGUIDs = $ListItem[$Field] | ForEach-Object { $_.TermGuid.ToString()}                    
                #Get Source Field Value and add to Hashtable
    Write-Progress -Activity "Copying List Items:" -Status "Copying Item ID '$($ListItem.Id)' from Source List ($($Counter) of $($SourceListItems.count))" -PercentComplete (($Counter / $SourceListItems.count) * 100)
    #Copy column value from source to target
    Add-PnPListItem -List $DestinationListName -Values $ItemValue | Out-Null
    Write-Host "Copied Values from Source to Target Column of Item '$($ListItem.Id)' ($($Counter) of $($SourceListItems.count)) "

Make sure the destination list contains similar fields (Field Internal Name, field settings, etc.) as the source list, before running this script. You can use this PowerShell script to copy columns between lists: How to Copy Columns from One list to another in SharePoint Online?

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