How to create a Newsletter (News Digest Email) in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Create a Newsletter in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online: How to create a News Digest Email from News Posts?

News digest in SharePoint Online helps to promote news pages in the form of a newsletter by simply selecting news articles to include in the news digest and sending an email. Here is how to create and send a news digest:

Assuming you have a site with several news posts added recently and displaying them using the “News” widget on a modern page,

  1. From the News web part, click on the “See All” link. (This link will be visible only when you have several posts. You may have to adjust the “Number of posts to show” in case you have only a few posts.)
  2. On clicking “See All” link, you’ll land in a page with “Email a news digest button”. Click on news digest in sharepoint online
  3. Select the news posts you want to add to the digest and Click on Next.create a newsletter in sharepoint online
  4. Provide a title to your newsletter, add the recipients who will be receiving this email, and add some optional text. You can reorder the posts based on their importance. Once finalized, click on the “Send news digest” button.send news digest in sharepoint

The newsletter email will be delivered in a few minutes, and it creates a new page in the “Site Pages library” with the contents of the newsletter so that you can use this as a reference or edit it in the future if you would like to.

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