How to Check the PowerShell Version?

Requirement: Get the PowerShell version.

How to check the PowerShell version?

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language that enables you to automate tasks, manage your environment, and more. The latest version of PowerShell has brought many new features. Hence, it’s important to know what version of PowerShell you have. Do you know how to get the PowerShell version you are running? Well, in this blog post, we’ll show you how to find out what PowerShell version you’re using in your system.

Why Check Your PowerShell Version?

Before diving into the methods for checking the PowerShell version, it’s important to understand why this information matters. Here are a few reasons why knowing your PowerShell version is essential:

  1. Compatibility: Newer PowerShell versions may introduce features or functionalities that are not available or not supported in previous versions. Knowing your PowerShell version helps ensure compatibility between your scripts and the environment in which they are executed.
  2. Security: Updating PowerShell to the latest version often includes security patches and vulnerability fixes that are critical for maintaining a secure environment.
  3. Performance: Newer versions of PowerShell often include performance enhancements, which can help improve the overall efficiency of your scripts and systems.

Method 1: Using the $PSVersionTable Variable

The quickest and easiest way to check your PowerShell version is by utilizing the $PSVersionTable variable. This built-in variable contains information about the current PowerShell runtime environment, including the version number. Launch PowerShell and Type the following command:


These cmdlets get you the PowerShell version installed along with Major, and minor versions, build, and revision details. You can also use the “$PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major” cmdlet to determine the major version of PowerShell installed.

Method 2: Using the Get-Host or $Host.Version Cmdlet

Another method to check your PowerShell version is by using the Get-Host cmdlet. This cmdlet retrieves information about the current host application, which includes the version number of the PowerShell engine.

Open “PowerShell” from the start menu >> Type:


PowerShell will display the version information in a similar format as the $PSVersionTable method, including the Major, Minor, Build, and Revision numbers.

how to get powershell version

In summary, knowing your PowerShell version is vital to ensure compatibility with scripts and modules and to take advantage of the latest features. In this blog post, we have discussed three methods to check your PowerShell version using the $PSVersionTable variable, and the Get-Host cmdlet methods.

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