How to Find Microsoft Teams Connected SharePoint Online Sites?

Requirement: Find all SharePoint Online sites created by Microsoft Teams.

How to Find All Teams Connected SharePoint Sites?

Creating a new team in Microsoft Teams creates a Microsoft 365 group and a group-connected SharePoint Online site. To get a list of all Teams connected SharePoint sites, do the following:

  1. Login to your SharePoint Online Admin site >> Expand “Sites” and “Active Sites”.
  2. Click on the little drop-down next to the “Teams” columns and choose “Filter by Teams” >>”Connected to Microsoft Teams” (If you don’t see the “Teams” column, You may be to “Customize Columns”).Find Microsoft Teams Connected SharePoint Online Sites
  3. This applies the filter on all Microsoft Teams connected SharePoint Online sites.get a list of teams connected sharepoint sites

Find Teams Connected SharePoint Sites using PowerShell

Similarly, We can retrieve the list of all Microsoft Teams connected SharePoint Online sites using PowerShell as:

#Connect to SharePoint Service
Connect-SPOService -Url ""

#Get All Microsoft Teams Connected Sites
Get-SPOSite -Limit All | Where {$_.IsTeamsConnected -eq $True}

#Get all Teams Channel Connected
Get-SPOSite -Limit All | where {$_.IsTeamsChannelConnected -eq $True}

Get All SharePoint Sites Created for Private Channels in Microsoft Teams?

When you create a private channel in Microsoft Teams, it creates a SharePoint site behind the scenes. To get all SharePoint Online sites created for private channels, Use:

Get-SPOSite -Template "TEAMCHANNEL#0"

Here is another post to get Teams connected to SharePoint sites from Exchange PowerShell Module: Find SharePoint sites associated with Microsoft Teams

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