How to Find Microsoft Teams Connected SharePoint Online Sites?

Requirement: Find all SharePoint Online sites that are created by Microsoft Teams.

How to Find All Teams Connected SharePoint Sites?

When you create a new team in Microsoft Teams, it creates Microsoft 365 group and a group-connected SharePoint Online site. To get a list of all Teams connected SharePoint sites, do the following:

  • Login to your SharePoint Online Admin site >> Expand “Sites” and “Active Sites”.
  • Click on the little drop-down next to the “Teams” columns and choose “Filter by Teams” >>”Connected to Microsoft Teams” (If you don’t see “Teams” column, You may be to “Customize Columns”).Find Microsoft Teams Connected SharePoint Online Sites
  • This applies the filter on all Microsoft Teams connected SharePoint Online sites.get a list of teams connected sharepoint sites

Find Teams Connected SharePoint Sites using PowerShell

Similarly, We can retrieve the list of all Microsoft Teams connected SharePoint Online sites using PowerShell as:

#Connect to SharePoint Service
Connect-SPOService -Url ""

#Get All Microsoft Teams Connected Sites
Get-SPOSite -Limit All | Where {$_.IsTeamsConnected -eq $True}

#Get all Teams Channel Connected
Get-SPOSite -Limit All | where {$_.IsTeamsChannelConnected -eq $True}

Get All SharePoint Sites Created for Private Channels in Microsoft Teams?

When you create a private channel in Microsoft Teams, it creates a SharePoint site behind the scenes. To get all SharePoint Online sites created for private channels, Use:

Get-SPOSite -Template "TEAMCHANNEL#0"

Here is my another post to get Teams connected to SharePoint sites from Exchange PowerShell Module: Find SharePoint sites associated with Microsoft Teams

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