Change “New item” text in Modern SharePoint Online List

Requirement: Change the “New Item” text in a modern SharePoint Online list.

How to change New item text in SharePoint Online?

By default, when you create a new item in SharePoint Online lists, the New item panel has “New Item” as the title of the pane. What if you want to change this text to something relevant? E.g. On the “Projects” list, wouldn’t it be nice to display “Create new Project” instead of “New Item”? Well, here are the steps to change the new item pane’s caption:

  • Navigate to your modern SharePoint Online list >> Click on “New”. This opens the New Item Panel in modern list.
  • In the New Item pane, Click on the “Edit Form” drop-down and choose “Configure Layout”.sharepoint online list change new item text
  • In the “Apply formatting to” drop-down, choose “Header” and then enter the below JSON code in “Formatting code”. change new item text in sharepoint online list
    "elmType": "div",
    "style": {
        "font-size": "18px",
        "font-weight": "600"
    "txtContent": "Create New Project"

Preview and save your changes.

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2 thoughts on “Change “New item” text in Modern SharePoint Online List

  • After saving the layout, the menu looks modified. However, if you go back to the main list view and click “New”, the view is back to how it was before.


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