How to Add Microsoft Forms to SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Add Microsoft Forms to SharePoint Online.

How to Add Microsoft Forms to SharePoint Online Page?

Microsoft Forms are a great way to gather data from your employees and customers. They’re easy to use, customizable, and perfect for data collection and communication. Need to add Microsoft Forms to SharePoint Online? Sure, Microsoft Forms can be easily integrated with other Microsoft 365 products such as Teams, SharePoint, and Power Automate. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to add Microsoft Forms or Quiz/Poll to SharePoint Online modern pages using the “Microsoft Forms” web part – available on both the Team site and communication sites. First, you need to create a custom Form in Microsoft Forms (preferable!). After that, you will add or edit a modern page and add the form web part. Finally, you will integrate Microsoft forms into SharePoint Online page by configuring the web part to point to the Form created!

  1. Login to Microsoft Forms at in the web browser, and create your Form, add data types to display on SharePoint Online page.
  2. Once you are done with the form creation, click on the “Collect responses” button in the top-right corner and copy the URL of the Form. Pick the “Responses” tab as in the below screenshot if you’d like to display the results of all the responses.
  3. Login to your Modern SharePoint Online Site >> Create a new SharePoint page (Click on the New button from the home page and select “Page”) or navigate to an existing page where you want to add the Form.
  4. Edit the page as per your desired layout and insert the “Microsoft Forms” Web Part by clicking on the little “+” icon.
  5. Click on the “Add existing form” button in the Form to get the Web Part Properties. You can also create a new form.
  6. Paste the Form code (form web address) you copied earlier. Click on “OK” and publish the page.

That’s all! This simple yet powerful tool can be integrated into SharePoint Online to allow you to quickly and easily capture information from your team or customers in the SharePoint site interface. You can also show form results to your users in a tabular format, making it easy for your users to get a quick overview of the data that has been collected. Integration with Power Platform (Power Apps or Microsoft Flow Workflows – As an alternative to InfoPath) to send the Microsoft Forms data to SharePoint Lists is also possible.

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  • Note that this will not work in U.S. Government Community Cloud (GCC), GCC High, or DoD environments because it is an integration between Office Applications.
    Forms features in these environments:


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