How to Check the SharePoint Online Version?

Requirement: Find the SharePoint Online version of the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Find SharePoint Online Version

Why? Because some features, like the navigation switch, Request File, etc., were not enabled due to the target release settings of Microsoft 365. So, we wanted to check the current version of the SharePoint Online tenant. To determine SharePoint Online version, here are some ways:

Option 1: Use the Service Configuration File

Open the web browser, hit:

How to Check SharePoint Online Version

This URL contains meta-information about the web server. You’ll see the current version of your Sharepoint Online next to the “vti_Extenderversion:SR|”.

Option 2: PowerShell to Check the SharePoint Online version

The next method to determine SharePoint Online version is using PowerShell! Just connect to SharePoint Online from PnP PowerShell and run Get-PnPContext cmdlet to get the current version of the SharePoint Online domain.

#Connect to SharePoint Online
Connect-PnPOnline "" -Interactive

#Get the Context
check sharepoint online version

However, the above PowerShell script works fine with the classic PnP PowerShell module “SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline” and not with the PnP.PowerShell module as of today!

Option 3: Get SharePoint Online Version using Developer Tools

Without SharePoint Admin center or PowerShell access, Here is how to use the Browser-based web developer tool to check the SharePoint Online version.

  1. Login to your SharePoint Online site, E.g.,
  2. Press “F12” to open the web developer toolbar.
  3. Click on the “Network” tab, and reload your page by pressing the “F5” button.
  4. Select any item pointing to your domain >> Click on the “Headers” tab on the right.
  5. Under “Response Headers”, pick the “microsoftsharepointteamservices” property, which shows the current version of your SharePoint Online tenant.
how to check sharepoint online version

You can also use Fiddler to inspect the above Header and find out SharePoint Online version. Here is my other post on checking the installed version of SharePoint Server: Get SharePoint Server Version/Build Number/Patch Level/Service Pack

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  • OK so what is version 16.0.0.xxxxx? How does this compare to Sharepoint 2019 or 2016?


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