SharePoint Online: How to Enable “View in File Explorer” in Microsoft Edge?

Requirement: Configure view in file explorer feature with Edge browser.

How to configure the “View in File Explorer” Feature in Edge?

As Internet Explorer is discontinued from Windows 11, We may be missing the nifty feature file explorer view or mapped network drives of SharePoint document libraries. The good news is that in the Microsoft Edge 93 build onwards, it supports the View In file explorer feature! However, we have to do two extra steps to activate it.

Enable the “ConfigureViewInFileExplorer” policy for Microsoft Edge that allows Open WebDAV URLs in Windows File Explorer

We need to set the below registry key to enable WebDav URLs to open in Windows File Explorer:

  1. Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge], (Create a new key “Edge” if it doesn’t exist).
  2. Create a new String Value “ConfigureViewInFileExplorer
  3. Set it as “[{“cookies”: [“rtFa”, “FedAuth”], “domain”: “”}]
view in file explorer sharepoint edge

Be sure you change the “” with your tenant URL. Without this step, You may find the “View in File Explorer” option in the view menu, but clicking on that does nothing!

This step can be pushed through GPO as in:

Enable View in File Explorer Option for the SharePoint Online Tenant:

The next step is to enable the “ViewInFileExplorerEnabled” flag at the tenant level if it’s not enabled already. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Update your PowerShell Module for SharePoint Online

As this is a new addition, we must update the PowerShell module in our local machine. Open the PowerShell console as an Administrator, and run:


Step 2: Connect to SharePoint Online as Tenant Admin or SharePoint Online Administrator

Connect-SPOService -Url

Step 3: Set the “ViewInFileExplorerEnabled” flag to True

Set-SPOTenant -ViewInFileExplorerEnabled $True
how to view in file explorer from edge

Close and Re-open the Edge Browser, and the View in File Explorer option should start working now!

How to add a SharePoint folder to File Explorer in Windows 10?

Follow these steps to add a SharePoint document library to Quick Access in File Explorer: Open your SharePoint Online document library >> Click on the “Views” drop-down, and click on the “View in File Explorer” option. This opens the document library in Explorer view. Right-click the “Quick Access” on the file explorer and choose “Pin current folder to Quick Access”.
More info: Add SharePoint Online Document Library to “Quick Access” in File Explorer
add sharepoint folder to file explorer windows 10

How to Map a SharePoint Online Document Library as a Network Drive?

Go to File Explorer on your computer, >> Right Click on “This PC”>> Choose “Map to network drive”. Select the drive letter you want to use >> Enter the URL of your SharePoint Online document library, and click on the “Finish” button to map the SharePoint Online Library to Network Drive.
More info: How to Map SharePoint Online as a Network Drive?
map network drive in sharepoint online

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14 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: How to Enable “View in File Explorer” in Microsoft Edge?

  • will this work with sharepoint on prem?

  • Is it possible with SharePoint 2019?

  • ViewInFileExplorerEnabled isn’t even a property in our tenant from what I can see. Does it not exist by default?
    Did something change recently perhaps?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the post.
    Unfortunately, once I click View in File Explorer, nothing happens. Registry settings are there, edge://policy shows that the policy is active, I’m logged in to my machine using the same credentials I use for SPO. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    • Try these solutions:
      1. Add the site to Microsoft Edge’s IE 11 Compatibility sites list. Or use IE mode.
      2. Create a user profile in Microsoft edge Browser

  • Is it possible through Edge to automate the reconnection of sharepoint network drives without using Edge’s IE mode?

    As was done with Internet Explorer

    • Try enabling the Persistent Cookies For Explorer View:
      Set-SPOTenant -UsePersistentCookiesForExplorerView $true

  • Thank you for the post! Worked like a charm.

    • Can we expect a delay in syncing changes back to SharePoint?

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