Destination Site Missing in Copy / Move Page in SharePoint Online?


You tried to copy or move files and folders in SharePoint Online but could not find the intended destination site on the Copy/Move page.


While “Following” a site will add the site to the copy/move popup page, it may not immediately add the site there! So, To add your destination library to the copy/move page, You can “Pin to Quick Access”. Here is how to resolve it:

  1. Navigate to the destination library to which you want to copy or move files.
  2. Click on “Pin to Quick Access” in the toolbar.
    pin to quick access

This will add the specific library to the “Quick Access” section of the Copy to /Move to page.

add to copy move page

You can also add your destination library shortcut to OneDrive using “Add Shortcut to OneDrive” and then click on “My Files” in the “Copy to” page to pick that library.

A Few more troubleshooting steps:

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check permissions – The account doing the copying/moving needs to have access and at least contribute permissions on both the source and destination sites.
  2. Check site quotas/Locks and site Policies – The destination site may be out of storage space, preventing the copy/move. Check the site storage limits and usage under Site Settings.

As an alternate option, you can use SharePoint PnP PowerShell to copy or move files in SharePoint Online, instead of the UI.

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