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Do you have something to share, in areas like SharePoint (Administration, Development, CSOM, SPfx, etc.), PowerShell, Power Platform (Power Automate, PowerApps, PowerBI), Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure, etc.? Well, You can start contributing to this site! It could be helpful tips & tricks, a Step-by-step guide, a line of code snippet, a How-To article, a PowerShell Script, or you name it!

What do you get in return if you spend your time contributing to this site?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to SharePoint Diary. As a contributor, you will have multiple benefits, including (but not limited to):

  1. Share your knowledge and get paid for it! – You can make money by writing articles for SharePoint Diary Blog.
  2. Get rewarded with a premium subscription from PluralSight for every 50 approved articles!
  3. Promote yourself and establish your personal brand – Show the world what you know, Your work speaks more than your CV! Isn’t it awesome, when the next time you appear for an Interview, The hiring manager and team already know who you are, and love your work (As it happened to me!)
  4. You will be a part of a community of like-minded technical geeks – When your content is live on site – Your traffic, visibility, opportunities, and revenue will be incredible!
  5. Last but not least: Teaching is the best way to learn. The feeling when someone gets through to you, “Wow! You just saved my career.”

General Guidelines for Writing Articles:

Please adhere to the following guidelines when writing articles:

  1. The article should be unique and should be from your own experience or learnings. It should not be published anywhere else and must be free from copyright restrictions.
  2. Every article should contain an introduction section that summarizes the topic or solution the article address. Format your article with headings/subheadings/numbering that provide an easy understanding to readers. Explain the code/script in your article (if any) and conclude the article with a summary.
  3. Make sure you provide correct information about keywords, search text, technology, and other options. Articles should be easily readable to site visitors.
  4. Make sure you use images of the right resolution wherever necessary.
  5. All source code in the article must be wrapped inside the “Syntax Highlighter” block.
  6. The team reserves the right to edit the content. Once you submit your article, our team reviews your content and makes necessary corrections like adding relevant keywords/content changes/images to the post if required, and then publish them.
  7. No place for promotional and spammy posts (Sorry!)
  8. All contents on this site are the copyright of their respective authors. The author’s name, profile, and contact details will be published in the Authors section on each post. So, You get full credit for your articles! If you want to stay anonymous, “SharePoint Diary Team” will be used.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to Contact Us.

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