Create Shortcut in SharePoint Document Library

Requirement is to create a Shortcut link inside SharePoint document library. OK, Tried uploading the URL shortcut (.url) file, and got the error message saying "The following file(s) have been blocked by the administrator: URL Shortcut.url".

Solution: Add "Link to a Document" content type to the document library. Here is how to create shortcut in SharePoint document library:

Create Shortcut in SharePoint Document Library:
1. Go to Library Settings >> Advanced Settings.
shortcut in sharepoint document library
2. Enable "Allow management of content types" option and click OK
create shortcut in sharepoint library
3. In Library settings page, click on Content Types and click "Add from Existing Site content types" link.
create shortcut in sharepoint library
4. Choose "Link to a Document and click on "Add >" button, then OK.
create shortcut in sharepoint document library
5. Now create a New entry based on "Link to a Document", Enter the description & URL
sharepoint shortcut in document library
You are done!
sharepoint 2010 shortcut in document library
Drawback: The above method will not work when you move from HTTPS to HTTP and vice-versa.

Workaround: Create a simple HTML page with META REFRESH Tag and upload the html file to the document library.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">

Or you can create a HTML file with little JavaScript which send you to the target URL.
function loadFile()
<body onload="loadFile()">


  1. Thank you very much for posting this - it was very helpful!

  2. Can you create the shortcut via workflow?

  3. This was very helpful. My sharepoint site has custom columns that is used on the page that we are adding these links too. Is there a way to ensure that the columns are also filled in or are the options of entering the document name and URL the only options?


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