Fix “Connect to Outlook” in SharePoint is greyed out!

Problem: SharePoint users cannot connect to any SharePoint list or Calendar to Outlook.  The “Connect to Outlook” Ribbon button is always greyed out!

connect to outlook disabled sharepoint online

Troubleshooting Checklist:

Here is how to enable the connect to outlook in SharePoint On-premises or SharePoint Online:

  1. Connect to outlook feature is available only to these types of lists:  Calendar, Tasks, Project Tasks, Contacts, Document Library, and Discussion Boards.
  2. Prior to Service pack 1:  If your SharePoint site has the Minimal Download Strategy feature enabled, simply press “F5” to reload the current page. You’ll get connect to outlook button enabled! Disabling the MDS feature is not a good idea IMHO!!
  3. Make sure that “SharePoint Stssync Handler” is enabled in browser add-ons. (IE >> Tools >> Manage Add-ons) Connect to Outlook in SharePoint 2013 Greyed out
  4. Check the client-integration option of web application settings
  5. This feature works only when you have a 32-bit version of Office installed on your client machine!
  6. The “WebClient” Service must be running in the services console of the client machine!
  7. Try adding your SharePoint site to the “Trusted sites zone”, Also uncheck “Enhanced Protected Mode” for the zone.
  8. A logged user must have at least “Read” permissions to SharePoint. “View Only” doesn’t work!

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