SharePoint Online: How to Share and Password Protect Files?

Can You password protect a Document or Excel file in SharePoint Online?

Yes! You can share, and password protect a document in SharePoint Online so that when the link is reshared to someone else, They can’t open the document without a password.

Prerequisites: The external sharing setting must be set to “Anyone”.

How to password protect documents in SharePoint Online?

Follow these steps to share and password protect a document in SharePoint Online:

  • Select a document >> Click on “Share”
  • Select “Anyone with the link” as the share. Click on “Anyone with the link” to enter the password
  • Once done, click on “Apply” and you can either copy the link or send it directly.
password protect document in sharepoint online

Upon sharing the document, This is what the user sees: prompts to enter a password.

password protected files in sharepoint online

This feature is available in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

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4 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: How to Share and Password Protect Files?

  • What if someone forgets the password they entered? Would I, as an admin, be able to reset that? Thank you so much for your response.

    • Yes! Right-click on the document, choose “Manage Access”. I the Manage Access Pane, You can click on the little three dots for “More Options” and then you’ll be able to reset the password.

  • Do I need to be the owner of the SP space in order to pw protect a document?


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