My Favorite SharePoint Tools & Utilities – Top 50 List

Here is the list of Top 30 Best Free SharePoint Tools for SharePoint Development / Administration / Monitoring / Troubleshooting Tools and utilities to make our SharePoint work easier, faster, and efficient.

1. SharePoint Manager 2007 / 2010 / 2013
The SharePoint Manager is a SharePoint object model explorer to give a quick and easy overview of the structure and data hidden behind your SharePoint Farm. It enables you to browse every site on your local farms and all of the properties of objects. You can also change the values ​​of some properties.  

You’ll have to run this application from your SharePoint Server as an administrator. Download URL: SharePoint Manager.

We’ve SharePoint Client Browser to explore Server objects from the client-side: SharePoint Client Browser

2. WSP Builder
A SharePoint Solution Package (WSP) creation tool for SharePoint 2007/2010 which includes templates for web parts, Event Receivers, features, etc.
Download URL:

3. SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
We can deploy content between SharePoint sites. The selected content is exported to a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other servers. Download URL

4. CAML Query Designer Tools:
U2U CAML query builder: Great tool for generating CAML Queries.


You can also use: CAML Designer to build your CAML queries in SharePoint 2013

5. Branding Tools
For SharePoint 2013, Download the color palette tool from Microsoft at 

For SharePoint 2007, Branding Tool can be used to:
    * modify Themes
    * modify MasterUrl (Master Page), CustomMasterUrl (System Master Page)
    * modify SiteLogoUrl (Site Logo)
    * modify SiteLogoDescription (Site Logo Alternative Text)
    * modify AlternateCssUrl (Custom CSS Style Sheet)
    * view various properties of sites and themes at a glance

CSS Reference Charts:
SharePoint 2010:

IE Developer toolbar/Firefox Developer Tools – Great Products when you work on SharePoint Branding.

6.  Custom E-mail Alert Templates for SharePoint Workflows
This is an Access 2007 tool that will create SPD Email Activity Workflow messages that look like standard SharePoint alert/task emails for you to copy into the email activity.

7. Best Practices Analyzer
The SharePoint 2007 Best Practices Analyzer will collect all the data from your database, registry, etc., and apply a set of comprehensive best practice rules against the data set. A detailed report listing is provided after the completion, so you can make your SharePoint 2007 Portal faster and more flexible

8. Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit 4.0
The toolkit includes SharePoint Diagnostics Tool, the Permissions Reporting Tool, the Quota Management command, and Security Configuration Wizard Manifests.

9. Gary LaPoint STSADM add-ons
This guy has written tonnes of STSADM extra functions that allow administrators to do things that can’t be done in the UI and only in the object model. No longer need to rely on Programmers so much.

10. SharePoint Event Receiver Manager (2007 & 2010) : Download Event Receiver Manager

11.CKS Dev
Community Kit for SharePoint offers templates to Visual Studio for SharePoint projects.

12. Fiddler
Web traffic Analyzer, logs all http(s) requests between client and web server. available at: .Alternate: HTTPWatch at

IDE for PowerShell supports debugging and Intelli-Sense. Download at:

14. JavaScript Debugger –

15. SharePoint Feature Admin Tool

Repair/Un-install features from SharePoint:

16. SharePoint list item editing tool
Edit meta-data columns (such as created by), Bulk update.

17. SPServices Jquery Library for SharePoint

18. SharePoint 2010 Bulk Document Importer

19. SPUtility.js can be used to: Set or get field values, make a field read-only, hide a field from view.

20. SPDisposeCheck
Identifying memory leaks and wrong disposes.

21. The SharePoint Software Factory:  is a Visual Studio Extension helping SharePoint newbies, as well as experienced developers to create, manage and deploy SharePoint solutions without having to know every tiny XML and C# secret.

22. SharePoint Log Monitoring Tools

  • SharePoint Logging Spy: Check out this tool for watching the SharePoint logs in real-time.

24. SharePoint Solution Installer
This utility was created to ease the task of installing SharePoint Solution files, which use the extension WSP, in a SharePoint environment. You would use this tool primarily to install custom solutions, and it operates very similarly to any standard installation process

25. AutoSPInstaller: Automated SharePoint 2010/2013 PowerShell-based installation script.

26. Visio Network Topology diagram Add-in for SharePoint

27. Balsamiq Mockups:
An excellent tool to quickly create wireframes

28. .NET Reflector –  To view, navigate, and search through the class hierarchies of .NET assemblies. . DotPeek and IL SPY would be the alternate.

29. Editors, Comparison Tools: Notepad++/UltraEdit, Beyond Compare/ UltraCompare

30. SMTP4Dev
A quick way to test E-mail functionality! Just start this program on any server and See it acting as SMTP Server: Download SMTP4Dev

Third-Party Products:

  1. Quest Control Point –
  2. Workflow Products: Nintex Workflows and K2 Workflow Suite
  3. SharePoint Migration Tools: Metalogix & ShareGate 
  4. RBS/EBS Tools: DocAve Storage Manager, Metalogix StoragePoint
  5. SharePoint Add-ons: KWizCom , Bamboo Solution SharePoint components

BTW, I haven’t included essential software for SharePoint such as SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, Virtual Machine tools (VMWare/HyperV), InfoPath Designer, Version control software (TFS/SVN/CVS), etc.

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