SharePoint Keeps Asking for Password Every time?

Yeah, It’s a classic issue! SharePoint prompts for user name and password, every time when a user tries to access SharePoint sites. Every time SharePoint 2010 (or MOSS 2007) keeps asking password is annoying, Isn’t it?

Here’s is the solution to disable and stop the prompt for username and password:

  •     In Internet Explorer, go to ‘Tools’
  •     Click on ‘Internet Options’
  •     Open the Security tab, then click on the “Trusted Sites” Zone    SharePoint Keeps Asking for Password?
  •     Add SharePoint Site’s URL to the Trusted sites zone. (Make sure you are adding FQDN to the site. E.g. Add: rather “*” )
  •     Now,  Click on the ‘Custom level’ button
  •     Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Automatic logon with current username and password
  •     Click OK
sharepoint site keeps prompting for password

The next time you log on, select “Remember my password”.

Still, SharePoint repeatedly asks for a Password?

Did as per the above instruction. But still SharePoint is prompting for password? Try these solutions:

  • Make sure Integrated windows authentication is enabled in IE. (Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced >> under security, enable integrated authentication)
  • Go to Control Panel >> User Accounts >> Manage Your Credential and remove any credentials stored
  • Try Adding the SharePoint Site URL to Intranet Zone as well
  • Clear all saved passwords by going to Tools >> Internet Options >> General Tab. Click on the Delete button >> Select all the checkboxes
  • Try disabling the “SharePoint OpenDocuments Class” add-on in IE 
  • Make the registry change as per the KB (usually for Windows 7 credentials prompt on opening documents):
  • Try this fix  Don’t worry, even it says for Windows 2003, it’s applicable for all Windows platforms. (applies to SharePoint explorer view password prompt)
  • Does it happen with Anonymous users trying to open a document? Apply the KB:
  • Does it happening after SSL is enabled on SharePoint sites? Apply this KB:

By the way, Adding SharePoint site URL to the Trusted zone will stop the login prompt you receive while you are trying to edit any documents (Word, Excel or any Office Documents)

sharepoint keeps asking for password when opening documents

Is your update on server Files Triggers this issue?
In another case, the Client has the new branding applied in their environment. As part of branding, they updated the Logo file in 12 hive, and SharePoint started prompting for Non-Administrators.

Problem was, When the client updated the logo by copy-pasting to 12 hive, that file didn’t inherit the permissions. Fix? Go to the file’s properties > Security > Advanced  > and inherit the permissions.

SharePoint prompted for login credentials for three times and gave blank page? Well, You go to Disable Loop Back Check in SharePoint Server: SharePoint prompts login credentials for three times and gives blank page? Disable Loop Back Check!

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11 thoughts on “SharePoint Keeps Asking for Password Every time?

  • Could you please let me know what is the root cause of this issue. Because every user has to configure this in browser. Thanks for your inputs.

    • Ideally, This change should be applied from GPO in AD, instead of applying it on each user’s machine!

  • Thanks a lot.. Adding it to Intranet zone worked.

  • it is not resolved my prb,,

  • Thank you so much for grouping everything. The KB Article worked for us.

  • Very useful. Thank you.

  • Very helpful, thanks!

  • Thank you for this!

  • Hello Andreson. Could you specify more your suggestion about “add permissions to user to restore previous versions of files” ?

  • Here we have just to add permissions to user to restore previous versions of files.


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