How to Rename ID Column in SharePoint List?

To Rename the ID field in a SharePoint list! We had a list with an ID column added to the view to provide a unique auto-number feature. The user wants to rename the ID field to “Change Request Number” as it sounds more appropriate.
sharepoint rename id column


Hidden columns such as “ID” and “Workflow Status” do not provide “Edit” options directly from the SharePoint web UI, and they don’t even appear on the SharePoint list settings page.

So, use this simple trick to rename any hidden column such as ID:

  1. Go to the List settings page
  2. Pick any column such as “Title”. You’ll get the Edit Column page.
  3. Change the Field parameter from “Title” to “ID” in the URL and Hit Enter. E.g.,
    To rename id field
  4. Now you can rename the field as you wish!

Here is my renamed ID column:
change id column name in sharepoint

You can also rename a field programmatically with PowerShell or C# Object model code. Here is my another article: How to Rename SharePoint Column Programmatically

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12 thoughts on “How to Rename ID Column in SharePoint List?

  • Awesome. It worked perfectly. Thank you.

  • Nice trick! At first seemed a good solution for my SharePoint 2013 project. After renaming some columns (inc. ID field) I got this error in some sub-views: “One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields” in sub-views after renaming hidden columns (incl. ID field).

    Then started naming columns back to old names, and column data got lost 🙁

    Note to self: Make backup next time when trying this.

  • You can not change Title to ID, ID is a reserved column name that can not be changed.

  • Thanks much…Awesome

  • Thank you, this worked for me! Is there a way to change the next auto generated number, or perhaps the format?

  • Perfect. This is what I am looking for. Thanks for posting.

  • good, there is one more way to do this one…

    Create new coloumn based on calculated coloumn

    In Formula field you need to type the below forluma to get the right Unique ID with new form name
    TEXT = Any name u want to give it to the ID column with string. eg – ABC1, ABC2, ABC3….


    This works perfectly, only challenge here is first time it will work second time onwards it will not work untill we open edit this coloumn and save it..

    it will updat for all the fileds… its easy solution any way..

    Md Rafi

  • Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  • Excelente! Gracias!!!

  • ¡Qué astuto! Gracias


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