Find All InfoPath List Forms in SharePoint using PowerShell

Requirement: Find all customized InfoPath list forms in SharePoint. Tasked to report a listing all the InfoPath List forms customized in SharePoint web application during a migration project.

PowerShell Script to Find All InfoPath List Forms in SharePoint

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue 

#Configuration parameters
#Array to Hold Result - PSObjects
$ResultColl = @()

#Get All Webs of the Web Application
$WebsColl = Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL | Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All 

#Iterate through each web
Foreach($Web in $WebsColl)
 #Get All Lists with InfoPath List Forms in use
 Foreach ($List in $web.Lists | Where { $_.ContentTypes[0].ResourceFolder.Properties["_ipfs_infopathenabled"]})
            Write-Host "Found an InfoPath Form at: $($Web.URL), $($List.Title)"
            $Result = new-object PSObject
            $Result | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name "Site URL" -Value $web.Url
            $Result | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name "List Name" -Value $List.Title
            $Result | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name "List URL" -Value "$($Web.Url)/$($List.RootFolder.Url)"
            $Result | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name "Template" -Value $list.ContentTypes[0].ResourceFolder.Properties["_ipfs_solutionName"]
            $ResultColl += $Result
#Export Results to a CSV File
$ResultColl | Export-csv $ReportOutput -notypeinformation
Write-Host "InfoPath Lists Forms Report has been Generated!" -f Green

This script generates a CSV output report as below:

infopath list forms report in sharepoint

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8 thoughts on “Find All InfoPath List Forms in SharePoint using PowerShell

  • Hi,

    How can we get PowerApps form details instead of Infopath? Thanks

  • Is there a way to find all Nintex forms that use custom JavaScript? Perhaps you have a script to share.

  • what is the way to get same details for sharepoint online sites

  • Is there any way you can do this for InfoPath Form Libraries? I saw your other post to pull InfoPath libraries ( but it was for SP 2007. Would this work for SP 2016?

  • Can you please share steps as how to execute above command

    • Just copy the script to any of your SharePoint On-premises Server, change the parameters like $WebAppURL according to your environment and execute it with PowerShell ISE (Safer side!).

  • Hi,

    Can you include last modified date on this script?



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