SharePoint Online: How to Get Direct Link to a Document In Modern Libraries?

Requirement:  Get direct link to document in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online: Get Direct Link to Document 
Unlike SharePoint Online classic experience, modern document libraries doesn't provide direct link to documents. However, here is the trick to get direct link to file:
  • Navigate to your SharePoint Online document library, Select the file and click on "Copy Link" from toolbar.
  • In the link settings popup, Select "People with existing access" and click on Apply.
  • That gets you the link something like:
  • Remove everything from ?d= and remove /:w:/r (sometimes :/x) and the direct link will be:

Get Direct Link to File in SharePoint Online from Version History:
If you have Version history enabled, you can copy the direct link from the latest version of a file. 
sharepoint online direct download link

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  1. One enormous difference between the two methods described above: in my testing, "Copy link" causes SharePoint to break inheritance for the document's permissions, which violates Microsoft's own recommended best practice and potentially creates long-term permissions havoc. Copying the link from Version history, on the other hand, produces a very clean, human-readable link without modifying the document's permissions.


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