How to Convert Word to PDF in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Convert Word document into PDF in SharePoint Online.

How to Convert Word to PDF in SharePoint Online? 

Here is a nifty trick to convert word documents to PDF in SharePoint Online without using any 3rd party tools.

Prerequisites: Make sure the library is in “Classic Experience”. You can change the UI from modern experience to classic by clicking on the “Return to classic SharePoint” link at the bottom-left corner of the page or by going to the list settings >> Advanced Settings >>Set the “List experience” to “Classic experience.”

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint Online library where the Word document is stored. Click on the little three dots next to the document you wish to convert. 
  2. In the preview panel, click on the little “menu” icon and then choose “Print to PDF” menu item.
    how to convert word to pdf in sharepoint online
  3. This converts the Word document into PDF and prompts with a “Your PDF is ready to print” message. Click on the “Open PDF” button to view the converted PDF.

The converted PDF document will be opened in a new tab. You can download the PDF from the toolbar in the top-right corner.

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