SharePoint Online: How to Create Alert for Other Users?

Requirement: Set alerts for other users in SharePoint Online.

How to set up alerts for other users in SharePoint Online?

Alerts in SharePoint allow you to keep track of changes and activity within your site, so it is a valuable tool to have when collaborating with others. If you’ve been using SharePoint Online for a while, you’re no doubt familiar with creating alerts for yourself. But did you know that you can also create alerts for other users? In this post, we’ll show you how to do just that. We’ll walk you through the steps to set up an alert for another user, and then we’ll show you how to manage your alerts!

  • Navigate to the list or document library you want to create an alert for other users.
  • On the list or library toolbar, click on “Alert me”
  • By default, the “Users” section will be filled with your User account. Click on the little “x” button to remove your account from there.create alerts for other users sharepoint
  • Enter the user names under the “Users” section, Set the other parameters such as “Change Type”, etc. Don’t worry about the “Email”, which is set as your Email.sharepoint online set up alerts for other users
  • Click on “OK” to complete creating the alert.

That’s all! You can delete alerts for other users by going to: “Site Settings” >> “User Alerts” under “Site Administration”. (URL shortcut: /_layouts/15/sitesubs.aspx)

sharepoint online create alert for other users

Please note, You must have site owner permissions to create alerts or manage alerts for other users. To create alerts using PowerShell, use: How to Create Alerts in SharePoint Online using PowerShell?

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  • Hello all,

    When I make 1 particular change in list, I would like another team member to receive a notification on that specific change… E.G. from Not Paid to Paid


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