Fix “Sorry, we can’t sync this folder, You’re already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library.” Error in OneDrive

Problem: When trying to sync a SharePoint Online folder by clicking on the “Sync” button in the library toolbar, I got this error message:

Sorry, we can’t sync this folder, You’re already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library.

sorry, we can't sync this folder


Root cause: Apparently, this error indicates the particular SharePoint Folder or library is already under the OneDrive sync (or under any other folder already in sync)! So, to avoid double sync, the Microsoft OneDrive client displays this error message popup.

Solution: To resolve the issue, Login to the OneDrive (https://<<YourDomain>> site and remove the Shortcut. Alternatively, you can Click on App launcher in the upper-left corner >> OneDrive >> My Files >> Delete the “chained” folder shortcut.

You can also leave the shortcut in OneDrive and access the Files from your OneDrive folder in File Explorer instead of establishing a new sync.

remove shortcut from onedrive

This error may happen when there is some sync operation in progress as part of existing sync addition/removal. If the above solution doesn’t work, try unlinking your account from OneDrive (Log out from the OneDrive sync client), restart your PC, and then link it to a new folder to re-establish the sync.

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8 thoughts on “Fix “Sorry, we can’t sync this folder, You’re already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library.” Error in OneDrive

  • Sorry, we couldn’t sync this folder. Contact your IT administrator to configure OneDrive to sync SharePoint on-premise folder.
    I am getting this error. Trying to sync to OneDrive 1st time from my SharePoint on-premise. Any help please.

  • Fixed my problem. Thank you!

  • What if you can’t find the shortcut? Because I have this problem, removed several shortcuts, but there are more that I can’t find!

    • Any existing folder/subfolder that are added using “Add shortcut to OneDrive” must be removed from OneDrive and ensure the OneDrive sync client is done with these sync changes. If any sync operation such as removal of folders from OneDrive sync in progress – Wait till its completed.

      • But how do you find them? I removed all shortcuts that I could find. I have the same issue as Esther.

        • You can find the links on your OneDrive site:

          • Thank you. I understand that. I have searched in every folder manually and cannot find the offending shortcut. Is there a way to search backwards from the target… or search by target?

            • Hi Rich, I managed to find a work around.
              Instead of trying to find the shared folder (which I also couldn’t find BTW)
              What I did was:
              I clicked on the folder that I am battling to sync – I selected “Add shortcut to one drive”
              It gave me an error saying that a folder already existed, but I accepted anyway.
              I then went to one drive and waited… the shortcut took a while to reflect
              I then selected to delete the shortcut.
              I turned off One Drive syncing.
              I waited (A while), then in teams, I selected to sync the folder again. Nothing happened.
              I then turned on One drive Syncing again and selected to sync the folder (I did this from teams)
              Since I had already partially synced the folder at some point, it asked my if I wanted to update the existing folder, or create a new folder (I selected existing) and proceeded.
              My one drive started syncing this folder – hope this works for you


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