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6 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Get All User Profiles

  • I see Delve stores/pulls from the ‘About Me’ property on a user’s Sharepoint “User Profile Property”

    We will soon be asking everyone to write Bios on themselves, then we will be collecting those Bios, evaluating them for any mistakes, cleaning them up, etc.

    I don’t want to give these Bios back to the users and have them update on their own. I want to run these through a powershell script.

    I see the Get-PnPUserProfileProperty and Set-PnPUserProfileProperty cmdlets. However, they don’t appear to leverage the ‘About Me’ property.

    How can I do a bulk “Set” on the ‘About Me’ property, using a .CSV in conjunction with a ForEach loop?


  • Thank you for this script. i appreciate your efforts!!

  • Hello Salauddin,

    Keep up the great job. Your scripts are awesome on which Incan trust blindly. Thank you!!

  • from this link install client components

  • Thanks for the blog, the questions can you run this script where sharepoint is not installed, i see your are pointing to dll file.


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