How to Add a Link to the SharePoint Online Document Library?

Requirement: Add a link in the SharePoint Online document library.

You can add a link to any other item located outside the document library in SharePoint Online libraries. E.g., you can add a link to a file or folder located in a different document library, site, or even an external website. We can group related items without physically storing them in SharePoint document libraries by linking them to other resources. To add a shortcut link in the SharePoint document library, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the library where you would like to add the link.
  2. Click on the “+New” button from the toolbar >> Select “Link” from the drop-down menu.add link in sharepoint online
  3. You’ll be prompted with a pane to enter the link and a name for it. Provide those according to your requirement. You can also pick any recent document from the list.sharepoint online add link to document library
  4. Click on Create.

That’s all. Now the link is successfully added to the document library. Here is another post on Create shortcuts in the SharePoint document library using the “Link to a Document” content type

Tips: Uploading an Internet Shortcut (.url) file to document library also does the trick!

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2 thoughts on “How to Add a Link to the SharePoint Online Document Library?

  • Hi Salaudeen,
    thanx for many good explanations!
    Which method would you prefer/suggest for setting a link to a file within the same library: using .aspx or .url? Both of them work (for me), but is one of them better in long term, or does one of them have some significant drawback?
    Thank you in advance,


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